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Neural Upgrade

Living Beyond Plan A

Christopher M. Peters has published a new-age style self-help guide to “Living Beyond Plan A.” Real life experiences paired with personal anecdotes makes this an inspiring and motivational read. Print and Kindle versions of Neural Upgrade are available on Amazon.
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About the Author

Christopher Peters

With the success of his first publication, Neural Upgrade Living Beyond Plan A, Christopher has become recognized among authors and readers alike.

Chris can be found on the following music projects:

Wynardtage (Goth.EBM.Hellectro)

Stateside/Stateside [Black] (Hellectro/Black Metal)

Pacific Transistor (New Age/Dungeon Synth)

Neural Upgrade Book Cover Image

ReadyTo Make The Choice?

Can you imagine living in a world where you are in control? A world in which you are free to choose and create everything that you experience? You can! In these pages, I will share with you what I have learned on my journey and show you how to use it to bring balance to your most challenging life situations, grow your dreams and have more joy in your world. I know you can do it! The choice is yours, and I will show you in an easy to understand, step by step way, how to get things working for you again.

– Excerpt from Neural Upgrade 


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